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Almost two decades ago I was a lowly high school teenager, reading an article in Maxim Magazine (yes, I read the articles) and I stumbled across a quote from a famous comedian that praised the heavens for the every-day-life-changing impact fiber supplements had for him.  It was specific, explicit, and hilarious.

A few years later at the tail end of my college years, my diet of Natty Light beer and Taco Bell properly reflected the times.  As did my…well, ‘gut health’.  Wandering the grocery store one day I was reminded of that magazine article and decided to ‘take the plunge’, buying a canister of a fiber supplement.

After a day or two I was largely unimpressed, but decided to stick it out.  Around day 4 my life changed forever hence as I went on a clean streak, skipping out of the bathroom, and never looked back.  After college, I bounced from LA to NYC and, everywhere I lived, I evangelized the power of fiber.

All of my buddies, after initially being unconvinced or believing fiber was just for “old people”, eventually heeded my advice.  Like clockwork, about 4-5 days later I would get the same text or phone call: “Holy sh*t – I had no idea this was possible!!!” and the list of believers grew from Hollywood to Main Street America, to Wall Street.

Then, at the end of 2016, after looking endlessly for a healthier (not two-thirds sugar or with artificial colors like FD&C Yellow 6, or artificial sweeteners like aspartame), higher quality, and better tasting version, I finally gave up and decided I should make a fiber supplement of my own.  At a bar in Santa Monica just off PCH, I gathered a couple of my most talented friends to see if they wanted to help out on the quest – and they were immediately in.  A hundred phone calls, countless emails, and dozens of in-person meetings and site visits later, Jason, Dave, and I had found our brilliant food scientist, the Legendary Joe, and our team of partners that would help make this real.  We spent months iterating on the formula, refusing to settle, until we had it exactly the way we wanted it.

Many pizzas (and beers) were consumed as we recruited all of our friends to help taste-test each batch, providing detailed notes of the before-during-and-after in [sometimes too much] detail.  We read books and blogs and talked to experts from startups to Fortune 100 companies that were so gracious and helpful with their time and advice.

Now, almost a year later, we have finally perfected the product and we couldn’t be happier or more proud.

Is it a super random thing to invest [a lot of] our own time and money in creating?  Absolutely.  Do some of our family and friends think it’s a bit crazy for us to pursue?  Perhaps.  But every single one admits it’s a real issue and that we have developed the perfect solution – and that we are just the right crazy ones to make it.

We only wanted to create something if it could be the best and if we were 100% proud to be the creators.  Our entire team and kickass partners have worked tirelessly to make Pinch a delicious, premium, and effective fiber supplement while building a company around it that is driven by not just profit, but that also benefits people and the planet.  Good sh*t all around.  

We are obsessed with Pinch and think you will be too.



Matt Walker
Co-Founder & CEO


Thank You for Helping

We are deep believers that businesses can be used for good and we strive to achieve the 3 P's: Planet, People and Profit.

Planet: We have kept ‘minimization’ in mind from the start - choosing materials that are recyclable and a container that can be reused in tons of different ways. Pinch Magic Fiber is also made in a production facility supplemented by solar power to help reduce our impact on the planet. And, cleaner/more efficient poops = less toilet paper waste. It's science.

People: We donate a portion of our profits to charitable organizations we are deeply passionate about. Specifically, the donations are split between Operation Homefront, Operation Underground Railroad, and charity: water. Please check out their websites as well to read more about the amazing work they both are doing and THANK YOU for helping us support these important causes.

Profit: We also resolve not to make decisions for profit alone as we know our company, the products, and our customers are all part of a bigger ecosystem and we know we need to remain a conscious organization. That is why Profit is listed last in all of our internal guidelines as well.