Let's get your 💩 together.

The world's greatest prebiotic fiber is here to take your gut health (and poop game) to the next level.

You're due for an upgrade.

Upgrade your Poops

Pinch gradually sweeps your system to efficiently collect and eject

✓ Less wiping, ghost wipes
✓ Consistent, efficient poops
✓ Feel lighter & cleaner
✓ Save time & money

Upgrade your Gut

Pinch creates a healthier and more effective digestive system

✓ Daily digestive cleanse of bad bile
✓ Weight & hunger control
✓ Regulate cholesterol, blood sugar
✓ Full absorption of nutrients

Upgrade your Mind

Pinch promotes a productive microbiome, which is linked to mental health & cognition

✓ Lower depression
✓ Reduce anxiety
✓ Improve cognition

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The secret is out.


A Pinchtroduction

Only good 💩. No Bull.


Shaken, not stirred.


Born in the USA

Every bottle of Pinch Magic Fiber is blended, packaged, in the good ole USA. We are headquartered in sunny Santa Monica, CA.


While other products may also use psyllium husk fiber, not all psyllium is created equal. Psyllium can vary in purity, granularity, swell volume, husk/seed ratio, absorption levels, etc. We have painstakingly tested dozens of different sources and varieties of psyllium to find the perfect balance of these variables to have the best effect on the human body. This has resulted in a ton of customers who have written reviews that they switched from other brands to Pinch and swear it far-and-away works better.

Definitely not - this is not a “fast acting laxative”. While fiber benefits you as soon as it goes through your digestive system, we’ve generally found that you should start to notice the quality of your time on the throne improving after about 4-6 days of consistent use.

Any time of day works, though we recommend getting into a routine to make it easier to remember to take it. We've found in the morning before/after breakfast or in the evening before bed worked best for us from a scheduling and consistency standpoint.

To steal a phrase, Pinch is better shaken, not stirred. We highly recommend adding 8-oz of cool water to a shaker bottle, adding one scoop of Pinch, and giving it a good shake before quickly chugging before the mixture thickens.

The good 'ole U.S. of A. We are based in sunny (and particularly health-conscious) Santa Monica, California where we handcrafted Pinch Magic Fiber. Pinch Magic Fiber is all made in America, as is the container, labels, and packaging.
(One co-founder was also made in Los Angeles, California and the other in Cleveland, Ohio).

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