Pinching to your Fullest Potential

1. The Magic Week

2. Consistency is KEY

3. YOUR Unique Schedule

The microbiome and gut are so incredibly complex and unique to each individual. Some people are less sensitive to changes in schedule and Pinch works great no matter when they take it - while others find that adhering to a specific schedule maximizes the impact for them.

There are a few variables you can experiment to optimize your schedule:

First: The time of day tends to have an effect. Some find taking Pinch first thing in the late works best for their body. Others will take it before lunch or dinner (especially if they're using it for the additional Pinch benefit of being an appetite suppressant), after dinner, or before bed. Find your perfect time and then try to make it a habit to stick with it.

Second: People also try different amounts. If you're just starting out with fiber for the first time, you might consider doing half a scoop a day for the first week. While some people find they actually only need half a serving (a half scoop) each day to have the desired magical outcomes, most people are good to go with the standard 1 scoop a day. And, some people also use 1.5 or 2 scoops a day (typically a morning and evening), as their body just needs that amount for the effects.

(Note - For me, Matt, when I’m super stressed out or traveling, I’ll switch from 1 scoop to 2 scoops a day for a couple days before I get back to normal, then go back to the usual 1 scoop. That tends to do the trick for me.)

When you do make a change, try to stick with it for 4-5 days to see if it has the desired effect.

4. Ebb & Flow

5. Water, Water, Water

Experience the Magic for Yourself Today.