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Magic Fiber


Poop like a god with Pinch magic Fiber, the all-new, all-natural, lemon-ginger daily fiber supplement.


  • Launched in late-2017, Pinch Magic Fiber is a new, no-BS, all-natural daily fiber supplement with a hint of lemon-ginger flavor designed for the modern pooper.
  • Pinch helps close the Fiber Gap, where less than 1 in 10 people get enough daily fiber, a significant issue across the nation.
  • Fiber has a ton of benefits, including being shown to help with lowering cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels, achieving a healthy weight, improving mental health, and improving bowel health and performance.
  • Pinch was created by two founders with a passion for everyday excellence in the ‘second office’ after having experienced the power of fiber in making that experience quicker, cleaner, and easier.
  • We hand-crafted a tasty new fiber supplement using only 3g of organic cane sugar and zero artificial ingredients or additives.
  • Pinch Magic Fiber is only available online and delivered right to your doorstep to keep things quick, easy, discrete, and consistent.
  • Available as a Pinch ‘1-off’ or as a monthly subscription.
  • Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA
  • Made in the USA


  • “I realized every friend of mine I told about fiber was also becoming an evangelist, but we wanted a healthier, more modern solution and couldn’t find one.  So we decided to make it.” -MW
  • “Days 1, 2, and 3 were an improvement, but Day 4 daily life was forever changed.” -MW
  • “It started as a passion project - it was something we all wanted for ourselves but couldn’t find - and we built up the company to offer it to others” -MW
  • “We are dedicated to the pursuit of the magical, illusive one-wiper.” -MW
  • “Most people THINK they are ok in that department -- but people said the same thing about flip phones.” -JR
  • “Imagine a world where you don’t have to wipe. You still should, but you don’t HAVE to.” - JR


Pinch was created in mid-2017 by a group of friends who, after discovering the magical powers of fiber supplements, wanted to craft a healthier and tastier version for themselves.

Matt Walker, the Co-Founder and CEO, first learned about fiber supplements from a 2002 interview with Jack Black in Maxim Magazine, in which Black touted the “legendary, immaculate no-wiper”.  Later, when in college, Walker was on the typical [horrible] college diet and needed some ‘help’ making sure everything came out alright.

He saw a fiber supplement at the local grocery store and decided to give it a shot.  Days 1, 2, and 3 he was largely unimpressed. But on Day 4, the magic kicked in and he’s been taking fiber supplements daily ever since.

When living in LA and NYC, Matt constantly swore by the power of fiber and his friends jumped on the fiber train as well - creating one evangelist after another.  However, concerned about the high amount of sugar and artificial ingredients found in the existing options, he realized a better option was needed.

After teaming up with local food scientists, blending dozens of iterations, and going through months of testing, they found a recipe they fell in love with.  So did everyone else that tried it, so they decided to create a company and offer Pinch to the whole country.

Walker and his Co-Founder and CMO, Jason Ramin, set out to figure out how to build a business.  The support and encouragement from their local Santa Monica community was incredible, and they received all kinds of help from others who believed in the vision to help people poop like a god.  

They are set to grow quickly in 2018 as the word is getting out about the magical powers of Pinch.  






  • Psyllium husk comes from a shrub-like herb called Plantago ovata, which grows worldwide but is most common in India.
  • Roughly 5% of Americans consume their full recommended daily fiber intake.
  • In the US, the daily recommended dietary fiber intake 25g for females and 38g for males.  Most Americans consume only half the recommended amount.
  • This shortage in our diet is referred to as the fiber gap.
  • According to, dietary fiber is one of the top 4 under-consumed nutrients, and these low levels are a public health concern since low intakes of the nutrients are associated with health issues.
  • The Mayo Clinic explains just some of the benefits include normalizing bowel movements and maintaining bowel health, lowering cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels, and helping achieve a healthy weight.

Thank You for Helping

We are deep believers that businesses can be used for good and we strive to achieve the 3 P's: Planet, People and Profit.

Planet: We have kept ‘minimization’ in mind from the start - choosing materials that are recyclable and a container that can be reused in tons of different ways. Pinch Magic Fiber is also made in a production facility supplemented by solar power to help reduce our impact on the planet. And, cleaner/more efficient poops = less toilet paper waste. It's science.

People: We donate a portion of our profits to charitable organizations we are deeply passionate about. Specifically, the donations are split between Operation Homefront, Operation Underground Railroad, and charity: water. Please check out their websites as well to read more about the amazing work they both are doing and THANK YOU for helping us support these important causes.

Profit: We also resolve not to make decisions for profit alone as we know our company, the products, and our customers are all part of a bigger ecosystem and we know we need to remain a conscious organization. That is why Profit is listed last in all of our internal guidelines as well.