A Minimalistic Approach (yes, including the number of tp squares you’ll need)

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” - Steve Jobs

When working with our team of food scientists to craft the perfect fiber supplement, we decided to take a minimalistic / simplicity-based approach from the start, which made our task much more complex. But this is a core principle we deeply believed in so we were up for the challenge. We accomplished it through two rules:

Rule 1: As few as possible, as many as necessary.

This is a phrase I learned during an off-roading course many years ago: to navigate while off-roading, the guiding principle is ‘as slow as possible, as fast as necessary’. This made complete sense to me, as it optimizes control/effectiveness and efficiency. We took this balancing simplicity principle to heart when creating Pinch Magic Fiber.

By this, we meant that we wanted to keep Pinch Magic Fiber as simple as possible, stripping out any unnecessary ingredients. This means no artificial additives, no fillers, no extra sugar to make it sweeter or mix easier in water.

We handcrafted the blend over almost a year of development and trying it ourselves through a relentless pursuit to create the perfect fiber supplement. The only additional ingredients we included are to give it its delicious subtle taste to make it enjoyable to drink every day. Even with creating the taste, we kept the additional ingredients all natural and as limited as possible.

Rule 2: Use the best.

We also wanted to make Pinch Magic Fiber effective and efficient. There are a few different fiber-based ingredients we could have used - some companies opt for synthetic/artificial concoctions from labs, others contain contain gluten. After much research and testing, we decided to use what, in our opinion, is the perfect base: psyllium husk.

Psyllium husk has been used literally for many centuries - because it is pure, healthy and, importantly, it works amazingly. This all natural base (and gluten free, and vegan) has been used for over a thousand years in India and China, and it’s value is increasingly being recognized in western health and nutrition.

One of the key reasons we love psyllium is that it has a blend of Soluble and Insoluble - and our bodies need both. While we will share more on the difference in our next post, this mix helps you effectively ’take out the trash' while also helping maintain a healthy gut ecosystem.

So, with a “keep it simple” mentality, we’ve included only the essentials to deliver the best possible fiber supplement blend for you, and nothing more.

Now, go forth and drive slow, homie. (But poop fast)

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