Better on Every Dimension

All fiber is not created equal.

As many of you know, we’ve been fiber fans for decades, having discovered its magical impact on our gut health and bathroom performance while in college or shortly thereafter. Over half a decade ago when we set out to make a better fiber - and we aimed to improve it on every dimension, making Pinch Magic Fiber what it is today.

Quality: Never Compromise.

This aspect is absolutely critical.

When we first started to make our own fiber we were shocked to learn just how many variables go into every ingredient - especially the critical psyllium husk that makes up the core of Pinch. We also realized how many fiber companies use options that have a variety of impurities, opting to keep their costs down. 

At Pinch we are relentlessly focused on sourcing the absolute best ingredients - pure, clean, and meeting a large number of other requirements we’ve set. Our microbiomes are sensitive, and high quality ingredients have an impact. This is why we are constantly getting feedback saying Pinch works better than everything else our customers have tried. 

Taste: A Uniquely Light Flavor Profile.

Fiber works best when it is taken consistently every day, and we were tired of the super sweet, fake-candy taste of the fiber we were taking.

That’s not what we wanted to taste in the morning or if we were taking fiber in the evening before bed. So we spent the better part of a year working on flavor profile, giving Pinch a fresh and light ‘hint-of’ flavor. The feedback over the years has been amazing.

Better For You: Less Sugar and No Artificial Ingredients.

The fiber we were taking was two-thirds sugar. Two-thirds! 

Why? Because it is made for older people with dulled taste buds, and to make it mix better with water. Being more conscious about our overall sugar intake, we leveraged a little bit of all natural stevia leaf to add some sweetness while drastically reducing the amount of sugar needed. 

We also noticed sugar free options that existed were packed full of artificial ingredients or fillers like silicon dioxide to help bulk up the jars and make it mix easily. We believe in purity and will never use artificial ingredients, because your body deserves better.

More Power: Fiber x Serving.

This one is simple: 

Compared to the typical options that were available, we increased the amount of fiber per serving by over 50%, delivering a full 5 grams of fiber per serving, giving you the extra boost to help with the glorious benefits that come from getting more fiber.

Make it Ridiculously Easy: Direct to You.

Nothing is worse than having to head out at the last minute to get something that you’re running out of. 

We built our business around offering the convenience of sending fiber right to your doorstep (and in discrete packaging…). For our subscribers, you don’t even have to worry about remembering to order - we give you a heads up a few days before your order processes and then it’s automatically on its way to you.

Adaptable to Customer Needs: A Customized Approach.

We also understand everyone’s bodies are unique, and their fiber needs are unique. 

That’s why we created our subscription offer to make it fully customizable, from how frequently it is shipped, to how many jars are included…and delivery dates can be accelerated or delayed at any time. 

Here for You: Customer Service.

We know things come up.

People move, travel impacts how often or how much fiber you need, and questions about Pinch come up. Every email goes directly to us, the Founders, and our team is committed to helping however we can. 


Our mission is to continue to make the world’s best fiber so you are putting the best quality into your body to help get the bad stuff out. As always, we welcome any ideas and feedback as we continue to serve our customers! You deserve the best sh*t ever.

Much love,

Matt & Jason

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  • Terry Bickham

    Hey! Just received my order and have a basic question that I haven’t been able to find. How often do i take it? Just once per day or more frequently?


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