In Awe from Swimming in Fiber for Over Two Years

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First of all, we hope you had a great and fulfilling 2018!

For me, the year transition is always a time of reflection and introspection, a lot of which is around the “Why?” behind Pinch.

Two years ago when we decided to invest a ton of our time and our own money into creating the best, all-natural fiber supplement, we did so because we knew that (and were obsessed with) fiber helps you have phenomenal daily poops.

We were Pioneers of the Porcelain.

Titans of the Toilet.

Dynamos of Digestion.

Gurus of Gut Health.

And, in handcrafting the Pinch Magic Fiber blend, we succeeded in our original goal.

However, as we now pass the two year mark since Pinch was more than a twinkle in our eyes, we are astounded in all that we have discovered about fiber and its benefits since.  Bathroom bliss was, indeed, just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

I have been taking a daily fiber supplement for well over a decade now, and it has been awesome learning how much more I was doing to help my body this whole time than I ever realized.

Upgrading your Gut

One of the reasons Pinch helps you upgrade your poops is because it is a holistic approach to helping establish and maintain a healthy gut.  

We often compare it to your car’s engine (or battery-operated motor now, for that matter) - so much of your car’s ability to perform is based on that core element functioning effectively, efficiently, and smoothly.  That’s what your gut does for your body, especially your digestive system. Pinch helps you get rid of toxins and waste, flush out used bile so your body creates fresh supply, and helps support a healthy microbiome (the good digestive system bacteria) that further helps your overall health and wellness.

And, while Pinch was created with all health-conscious people in mind, we have been blown away by some of the feedback from customers with serious gut-related conditions like IBS and Crohn's, writing to tell us how much we have helped with their daily struggles.  This provides so much more meaning to the work we do, and we are so grateful for the feedback and kind words.

Upgrading your Mind

Another really interesting discovery was learning more about the gut-brain connection, which is an emerging-yet-substantial area of health science that is demonstrating how your gut health is linked to a variety of mental health and performance aspects, such as anxiety, depression, and attention.  I mean, holy shit, right? That’s some amazingly powerful stuff.

As we learn more about the emerging science around how fiber affects your gut health and, subsequently, more of your body’s health and performance, we are even more proud and honored to be part of helping people get a high-quality, all-natural daily fiber to help with their overall health and wellness.

Upgrading the Environment

As we continue to grow as a brand, we continue to make conscious decisions about what our environmental impact is.  

We intentionally started with a 28-day jar as our core offer to help reduce waste from individually wrapped single-serve packages.  While we are still considering offering these in the future, they would be as a partial supplement to the full package, designed to be used only when traveling and not for daily use.

We will continue to offer suggestions on ways to REUSE-first, while continuing to use recyclable materials.  This means highlighting ways the Pinch jars can be repurposed (see our instagram for some suggestions, including amazing beer cooler ice packs, as well as airtight coffee grind storage), with more to come.

We will continue to manufacture Pinch Magic Fiber in a facility that takes advantage of the abundant solar energy in Southern California and using lower-power LED lighting system throughout the facility.

There are other areas we are exploring go help reduce our environmental impact, so stay tuned :)

Upgrading your 2019

As we move into 2019, we with you a healthy, happy, fulfilling, and enjoyable year.  We will do our part in helping you get the best fiber your body needs (and with some poop jokes to help make it easier to talk about the importance of gut health). Let us know if/how we can help and thank you, truly - we are so grateful for our customers, partners, team, and all of the other support we continue to receive from such an amazing community.

Much love,


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    Love it! Well said Matt. Great post.

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