No BS: Quick Top 10 Quality Gifts for Health-Conscious Guys

If you haven’t heard in every single corner of the internet you look, the holidays quickly approacheth. We’ll cut the crap and get right to it: Our No Bullshit Top 10 Gift Guide for Health Conscious Guys (that we love ourselves).

1. Pinch Magic Fiber
You know he’s going to go beast mode at all of the upcoming holiday dinners - help him kick the year off solid. Fits in a stocking, under the tree, and seamlessly on his kitchen or bathroom countertop. From Santa Monica, CA.
[From $19 for 4 weeks at:]

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2. Blender Bottle
It’s a staple in my household and Jason absolutely swears by it. Super efficient way to mix up protein shakes, Pinch Magic Fiber, or any other type of powder-based shake. BPA free, dishwasher friendly, and super efficient in blending. Consider two, too, as it’s nice to have a rotation of them in case one is dirty.
[From $10 on Amazon:]

Premium MCT Oil derived only from Coconut Oil - 32oz BPA free bottle | Ketogenic and Paleo diet approved ~ Non-GMO Project Verified
3. MCT Oil
I’ve been on the bulletproof coffee kick for a couple years now [LINK] and have tried a number of MCT Oil (coconut oil) options and this is by far my favorite. You can blend it into your morning coffee (1 TBSP MCT Oil + 1 TBSP grass-fed unsalted butter) for no-jitter, long lasting energy, add it to smoothies, or use it when cooking. According to the makers, provides natural sustained energy, healthy fats, and fuel for the body & brain.
[Around $30 on Amazon:]

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4. Gift Card to Instacart
It’s easy to defect to unhealthy snacking when you don’t have the good stuff around. Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery service that hits up many of your favorite stores and their professional shoppers hand pick the good stuff to bring to your home right away. It’s a go-to when I land back in town from a trip and want to have something healthy and fresh at home when I get there.
[You have to log in through your Instacart account and follow the instructions found here:]

5. HydroFlask
I just used one of these on a road trip up the coast from Santa Monica to Seattle and it is phenomenal. Kept my morning coffee hot for endless stretches of the Pacific coast and kept my water ice cold for after a hike up some bluffs. [Pic] They aren’t cheap but they work incredibly well and are built to last. From Bend, OR.
[Variety of prices from about $25 on Amazon:]

6. Squatty Potty
Yea, it is a funny concept. We laugh too. Until we tried it and now keep it tucked under our own thrones. It’ll make them laugh when they open it but it’s also a gift that is useful and will improve their lives every single day - it’s not just easier, it’s actually healthier, too.
[Currently $22 on Amazon:]

Philips Hue White A19 60W Equivalent Smart Bulb Starter Kit (Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant)
7. Philips Hue Bulbs
This one might seem like an odd addition, but it’s another one I swear by for an often overlooked aspect of your health: sleep. So how do bulbs help you sleep better? These bulbs let you adjust the temperature of the light depending on the time of day - after the sun sets, I switch the lights to a warmer temperature, removing the blue wavelengths that reset your circadian rhythms and make it harder to fall asleep at night. You know how your iPhone and Macs do this in the evening? Same idea but for your home.
[2 bulb starter kit currently $50 on Amazon:]


8. Beats-X by Dre
These are on the pricy end but they’re the best phones we’ve used when working out. They have a built-in chip that make them really easy/seamless to use with iPhones, they sound fantastic, they stay in when working out, and they’re convenient to have around your neck when they are not in your ears.
[Currently $109 on Amazon:]

Garden of Life Organic Meal Replacement - Raw Organic Fit Vegan Nutritional Shake for Weight Loss, Vanilla, 32.2oz (2lbs / 913g) Powder
9. Garden of Life Organic Meal Replacement
This vegan nutritional [protein shake is the perfect way for a young dude to get the nutrition he needs for the most important meal of the day. Jason’s lost like 10 pounds recently and credits this meal replacement for helping him get there. Shake it up with 10 oz of almond milk in a blender bottle and you’ve got a tasty breakfast taken care of in 30 seconds.
[Currently $42 on Amazon:]


10. The Perfect Pushup
These little contraptions have helped put a little pop in our pecks. A literal twist on the age-old push-up, the Perfect Pushup forces you to use extra muscles during your push-up that definitely takes things up a notch. When I first started, we could barely knock out 15 straight! Spending 10-15 minutes a day with these guys, I’ve seen a huge difference very quickly.
[currently $30 on Amazon:]

Hope these help with some solid gift ideas if you’re in a pinch!

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